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Our Pricing and Payments in Tampa, FL

We will always be upfront in sharing that if you are looking for the cheapest company and/or the lowest price, then we might not be a good match for you.   A word of caution if you are looking for a cheap general contractor and find one that can start your project tomorrow.  Chances are pretty good that you will be disappointed.  Anybody qualified to do quality work, will generally not be without work.

We commit to giving you the best quality and value for your money.

We firmly believe the old adage that you will get what you pay for as it relates to your remodeling wishes. The experiences of many of our clients (whom we have had to come to the aid of who had been disappointed by bad contractors experiences) have confirmed this to be true.   Some of whom also ended up paying even more to have everything fixed, after the attempt to save money upfront didn’t quite work out.

Once we have been selected to do your remodel for you, we will submit a payment plan and schedule that will break down the basic project timeline as well as scheduled payments that will need to occur for the duration of the project.  Typically these will be weekly payments that will keep up proportionally with the percentage of work that is being completed on a weekly basis. A balance will be left over to be paid upon full completion and satisfaction of the project. The payment schedule ensures that we are able to meet our weekly financial commitments to our team members and all project related expenses, without which the project cannot continue.

We never expect any Upfront Funds For Labor that has not yet been performed, however, we do require that payments keep track with work as it is being performed each week, on a weekly draw to keep current.   This allows us to keep short and manageable accounts, ensuring the project is well funded and able to move forward as efficiently as possible. Contact us today to learn more!