The Schoeman Team

“Absolutely perfect. I honestly can’t find the words to describe Hennie and his team. They are dedicated to the finest craftsmanship as are they to customer satisfaction … friendly, professional, reliable and trustworthy. Spent several months in my house and treated it as if they were in their own homes.”   

– Wendy P.

Schoeman Construction is a family owned and operated the business with more than 40 years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry.

Though specializing in bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling,  their services also include a much broader scope of work.

Their ‘hands-on’ relationship and communication approach is what separates them from most other contractors, with one of their primary goals being:

‘To keep our client’s comfort level HIGH and their stress levels LOW”.

There are rarely ‘unreasonable’ clients of contractors, more often (and far too often, unfortunately) they are just unaware or uninformed during the process, and that’s why a ‘back to the basics’ approach in communication plays such a vital role in the success of working with Schoeman Construction.

Hennie and Abel take great care of each client starting with a detailed initial consultation, consistent communication through each phase of the project and all the way through to the end, when nothing but a smiling and satisfied customer is always their end goal. Hennie’s experience in the construction industry covers sales and upper management in a large construction hardware and materials/supplies firm which includes the technical and installation knowledge of various trade products that enhance any remodel project in its appearance, practicality, and efficiency.

Edma, Hennie’s dear wife since 1973, is the company’s secretary.  She will, more often than not, be the friendly voice who answers your call to assist you.

Abel, the eldest son, is the company’s State Certified General Contractor. He has always enjoyed the challenge and creativity that working with his hands brings and his experience includes having developed his skill through school in woodworking and metalworking.  His experience in the remodeling arena since 1994 has refined his expertise in craftsmanship and attention to detail which he ensures is applied to each and every project. His philosophy, which extends to every member of his team, for each project has always been, “Build it as if you were doing it for your own home.”  His role includes project management, scheduling, customer relations and hands-on skills where necessary to produce and maintain the type of workmanship and quality that Schoeman Construction’s standards have come to be known for.

Hennie, the second son (or ‘Hennie Jr’ to avoid confusion), graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland and he completed his Master’s degree in 2005.  Hennie also excelled in working with his hands through his school years and has always been very meticulous when it comes to detail.  He has had hands-on experience with the family business since its inception in 1994. He adds to the team great people and customer relation skills, fine workmanship and detail and unique energy to the family business. “Edma and I are grateful for our wonderful family and opportunities God has blessed us with. I couldn’t be more proud to be in business with my sons.  We are indeed living the ‘American Dream’ and count it a privilege to play a small part in this great country.”

– Hennie Schoeman.

Schoeman Construction has in place a fully capable, dedicated, competent, reliable and professional team that reflects the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction across the board.  Each member has been hand-picked and trained, many of whom have been an extended part of the family for many years.  Many times, as each job requires, they work in pairs as much as possible so as to keep the project on a consistent timeline and maintain maximum efficiency.  Every tech having proved themselves over time for their quality work, reputation, dedication, and commitment to providing only the best for our customers and many of whom are considered part of the family.   The efforts and work ethic of each individual creates a team synergy that adds to the success of each project and the overall feeling of satisfaction our customers enjoy!

Our goal is to make sure you are 100% comfortable at all times during the process and ‘in the know’ on every necessary decision on a day to day basis.  Regular, clear and responsive communication is what separates an uncomfortable and potentially disastrous project from a ‘stress-free’ and rewarding experience.

“Hennie and his son, Abel, along with the rest of their team are great! If you want the work done fast and cheap, they are not for you. If you want it done right, call them!”  

– Doug T.

The Schoeman Name and Reputation

“Your name is your most valuable possession. Take good care of it. You can sell it for a penny but you cannot buy it back for a million dollars”

Our reputation is very important to us. We have been fortunate enough to be able to create a solid reputation in the Tampa Bay area as a premier choice for your remodeling needs.  For this reason, our work is done by hand-selected, top quality and trustworthy technicians both in our team, and when necessary outside of our team.

We always strive to do whatever is necessary to ensure full confidence that our work is done right the first time and that our customers receive above average service and above average results.

“The Schoeman team is very courteous and professional. They are very deliberate in their planning and ensure everything is covered to our satisfaction. They are very precise in the execution and are mindful to avoid rushing through the project to ensure the highest quality. They were very respectful of our house and are trustworthy. On numerous occasions, we had to leave them in our house alone. They cleaned at the end of every day and made sure they left everything in a clean condition. The payment schedule was very appropriate. I paid an equal amount every week throughout the project and the balance was paid at completion. Whenever decisions were needed at any time during the work, they did not proceed until they knew what we wanted. Our bathroom has never been this good looking and it is worth every dollar we spent. I highly recommend this company.”

– Edmond H.

What We Stand For

On a more personal note, while we respect and work with people of all faiths and beliefs, we are Christians and are not ashamed to live it out in every aspect of our lives – personal, family and work.  We strive to conduct our business in ways that reflect these values to all we come in contact with.  Life is indeed too short not to live out what you believe and we are humbled to have been given the opportunity to do so as we serve our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As it relates to our work, our sincere objectives include taking the pain and uncertainty out of your project by showing up when we say we will, by doing what we say we will do and most importantly, by keeping the lines of communication open at all times to accommodate the inevitable twists and turns that every remodeling project inevitably brings.

Our Integrity and Trustworthiness

Certainly, one of the most important issues when having anyone work in your home, especially for an extended period of time, is the issue of trust. In this area, you can rest assured you are in the best hands.  Our projects are done with full confidence placed in us for entry and exit, locking up after each day’s work (with key or code access to front/back/garage door).  This allows for uninterrupted progress on the job as it relates to supply pickups, meeting with various team members determined by the phase of the project regarding what needs to happen next and generally enhances productivity immensely all the way around.

Most of our clients are working through the week and are therefore hard pressed to be available to allow access each day for us (and each day is not necessarily the same as the previous day – arrival, material runs etc.) and is therefore offers a great relief to know that everything is under control without them having to be there every minute of the day or certain times of the day, which are sometimes very hard to coordinate.  Of course, there are many clients that are home all the time too which offers a great opportunity to see the ins and outs of the project and assists us as well as it relates to on-site decisions that need to be made from time to time.

In fact, many of our clients have scheduled vacations around their project or are out of town when we do their project.  In such cases, we offer regular picture updates of the job and its progress via email or text. You will know the name and have the phone number of each of our techs that are a part of your project and can text or call anytime (even after hours) for questions and/or updates.

We do ask our clients that do happen to be home for the duration of the project to allow us, and our techs, to stay focused on the task at hand.   We are a lovable and personable team and will chat and visit all day if you let us 🙂  We definitely enjoy that part of our work, however,  in order to stay on target with your project, there is nothing better for a productive day than one that is for the most part, uninterrupted and unhindered by too many distractions, discussions and/or questions.  We are, after all, dedicated professionals that are there to give you our best, focused time and energy to produce exactly what you are looking for.

As far as our daily objectives and sequence of work activities go, our team of techs only take their instructions from us.  They report to us for their objectives, as we report to you (the client) for ours.  In an effort to remain as productive as possible, this is by far the most effective means to complete your project efficiently.  For practical reasons our techs cannot take instructions from clients when it affects our daily work objectives.  They will refer you to us on any such matter so we can take care of it promptly and directly.

Our understanding from experience, as it relates to what works best, both from a timeline and a technique perspective, will ultimately be what maneuvers us through the ‘ins and outs and how-tos’ of your project, and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.

As always, should there ever be any questions, concerns or clarifications at all through the process, we are always just a phone call away (or text or email).  Contact details below. Our desire as stated throughout is for you to experience and enjoy a stress-free, rewarding remodeling journey, day after day until your project is complete.

“I had a very bad experience with a previous contractor for my guest bath last spring.  However, with Hennie and Abel I was not disappointed.  Professional, polite and prompt.  The entire experience was stress-free!”       

– Jeanne T.

Our References

We have many satisfied customers who will gladly share their experience in doing business with us and how we met their remodeling needs. If you would like to contact previous customers personally, we can supply a list of many more satisfied customers for your reference. For their contact info simply email us with your request for ‘SCHOEMAN CONSTRUCTION REFERRAL LIST’.

Our After Sales Service

In short, we will be there for you, even after your project is complete.   You can rest assured that if and when your project requires attention after completion, you WILL NOT find a disconnected number when attempting to have any loose ends or growing pains are taken care of.   Our firm commitment is that we will always strive to do whatever it takes to meet your satisfaction requirements.

Thank You.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we look forward to serving you with your next project.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions.

Our Contact Details

Hennie Schoeman   (813)263-7526
Abel Schoeman     (813)263-7527