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Tampa Bay Area Kitchen Remodeling

“Hennie and Abel are businessman of the highest integrity with a genuine understanding of how to provide excellent customer service. We were somewhat apprehensive about the process, as this was the largest remodeling project we had ever undertaken, but they made it as painless as possible.  They addressed every question and concern with patience and thoughtfulness, and went the extra mile on even the smallest of details…………delighted with our new kitchen and highly recommend them!”

 – Alexandra T.

We trust that you will find the information and imagery that you desire to help you choose the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. As it relates to kitchen countertopsfixturescabinets and flooring, the same and similar options are applicable as for bathrooms and can be found under the Bathrooms TAB of this website. As Tampa’s Kitchen Remodeling Specialist, Schoeman Construction is a vibrant company that helps Tampa Homeowners create ideal kitchens at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous, traditional option or a stylish and contemporary kitchen, Tampa Kitchen Remodeling by Schoeman Enterprises will certainly meet and even exceed your highest expectations. Before your remodeling project ever begins, the Schoeman design team will hand pick every component of your dream with you, piece by piece. We want you to be happy with every detail and will supply you with a formidable selection of options to choose from. Kitchen remodeling is one of America’s most popular major home improvements. Everyone loves a beautiful kitchen, big or small. Not only does a new remodel enhance the beauty of your home, it also enhances your lifestyle. A fresh new look with custom finishes and personal touches will brighten your homes life and increase the overall value of your property.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the cornerstone of any luxury kitchen. Not only are they the collective ‘face’ of the room, they lend to your kitchen’s utility. You need quality cabinets the blend form and function, to uplift your kitchen to a new level of sophistication. Schoeman Construction has them. We’re the kitchen cabinet company homeowners turn to when they want premium cabinetry that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Custom Cabinetry for Any Kitchen

When renovating your kitchen, the best cabinets come from an experienced kitchen cabinet contractor. Don’t shop big-box stores for generic cabinetry in Tampa, FL! Instead, enlist the help of the cabinetry experts at Schoeman Construction. We bring you unique cabinetry options that are perfect for any décor style or spatial layout, so you get the cohesive kitchen aesthetic you deserve.

Whether you need 1:1 replacements for the outdated cabinetry in your kitchen or want to reorganize your cabinets entirely, our experts will make sure your investment in cabinetry is one that’s ideal for your kitchen. From helping you choose the right cabinet dimensions and layout to installing everything in the right layout, we handle everything so you can enjoy the benefits of one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Specifications

Our kitchen cabinets are made with care, to the highest caliber specifications. You’ll be able to see and feel the quality as soon as they’re installed in your kitchen—from the sturdiness of the doors to the seamlessness of the finish. Take a look at the standard specifications for our cabinets:

Cabinet boxes

  • Constructed 3/4″ plywood (11-13ply) boxes
  • Clear finish interior
  • Machine-glued edging on all finished sides
  • Solid maple doors (raised panel door styles)
  • Solid maple frame with 1/4″ panels (shaker styles)
  • Doors are primed and painted to desired color, then clear-coated
  • Outside finish end panels are 3/4″ maple plywood

Drawers and inserts

  • Drawers are 3/4″ plywood with 1/4″ plywood bottoms
  • Side-mount full extension slides (soft close)
  • European hinges (standard or soft-closing) for doors
  • Self-close options available

Our Cabinet Details

Our cabinet boxes (cabinet without the doors) are built with 3/4″ plywood (11-13ply) with a clear finish industry standard on the inside.

The cabinet box has machine glued edging on all finished sides (200 degrees hot melt glue)

The doors are solid maple on the raised panel door styles and solid maple frame with 1/4″ panels for the shaker styles.  Doors are primed, painted to the desired color and clear-coated.

All of the outside finish end panels are 3/4″ maple plywood painted/stained to the desired color. Also, the option is available to use doors as panels as well.

The drawer boxes are built with 3/4″ plywood (sides and fronts)and 1/4″ plywood bottoms.

As for drawer sliders and door hinges, the most popular choices are side mount full extension slides (soft close) for the drawers and European hinges (standard or soft-closing) for the doors.

Also available are self-close options, to which there are pros and cons which need to be considered.

1. The side mount full extension sliders (soft close) are certainly the most reliable over time and offer full access to each drawer, large and small, and we have experienced little to no problems at all with durability.

2. The self-close sliders tend to be a little on the sticky side when opening, being that it is essentially, mechanically (spring-loaded) held shut, resulting in smaller kids having a slightly harder time opening them.  Also, anytime you introduce more mechanics to hardware there is always the increased risk of problems down the line. However, having said that, we have had very little problems with the self-closing options as a whole.

Generally, the soft close option provides the satisfaction we have come to appreciate over the years from our many clients.

Kitchen remodeling and improvement can increase your home’s value by creating a more comfortable, functional feel:

Choose Your Style and Finish

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to cabinetry. It’s why we work with our customers to customize all cabinetry. Pick the color and finish that fits with your kitchen remodeling plans and we’ll make sure your cabinets are the perfect complement to the room.
The beauty of custom kitchen cabinets comes from your ability to customize them. Explore the depth and regality of a dark stain color, or bring added dimension and brightness to your kitchen with a lighter stain and glossy finish. We have a multitude of finishes to choose from to help you achieve the aesthetic you want in your kitchen.

Whether you love Classic, Retro or Modern kitchen styles, Tampa Kitchen Remodeling by Schoeman Enterprises will provide you with a wide selection of elements to choose from. Using only top quality products with the best warranties, we will custom configure your kitchen and employ expert fixture and plumbing installation methods. Let the Schoeman Enterprises crew bring your kitchen into the 21st Century!

Call Schoeman Construction today at 813-880-9589 to discuss your next bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.