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Timelines and Deadlines in Tampa, FL

As it relates to timelines and deadlines, there are a couple of things that we feel are important to point out as home contractors. Our favorite metaphor in this regard is that you cannot bake a perfect apple pie in 15 minutes, and if someone tells you they can, be careful, for when it is all over and you take your first bite, you’re more than likely going to be very disappointed.

Many techniques, applications, dry times, etc. have procedural constraints that require time and patience, and putting the cart in front of the horse on any of these action steps is never a good idea. Generally, we can offer a realistic timeline for your project based on those of similar previous projects combined with our many years of experience allows us to anticipate what might pop up.

In remodeling services, there are oftentimes, not always, things that will show up (eg. physical obstructions behind walls that were not expected, clients having a change of mind on any aspect of the work done during the project, etc.) that will require a little more time, thought and creativity to accommodate correctly.  In turn, this affects different parts of scheduling and procedures which should then be expected.

The main thing that we want all our clients to understand about us, and subsequently about all our techs and installers, is that we are not a ‘deadline’ company.  We will, under certain circumstances, do what is reasonably possible to accommodate you if you have guests arriving, if you have an out-of-town visit scheduled or a special event that we need to work around or through, etc.  However, when the work environment is a pressure cooker to ‘get in’ and ‘get out’, it will never be conducive to the type of quality our clients have come to expect from us, and puts unnecessary stress and pressure on you, on us and on our technicians.

Our projects are not typically 1-day jobs where we are in and out, but rather 2-4-6 weeks or longer, (depending on the size of your remodel).  This necessitates a relationship of respect and teamwork from everyone involved in order for the project to be a success, both in quality and in the relationship.  

Our most rewarding projects for both us and our clients, and it has been the case for the vast majority of our work over the many years  (for which we are truly grateful), is not only for you, the client, to be proud and fully satisfied with the high level of quality and excellence of your project at its completion, but almost more importantly for the new friendships and contacts you and we will have made for any future needs, follow-ups or simply just checking in to see how things are going.  We Are All, After All Is Said And Done, In The Relationship Business.

We can tell you with full confidence that you will never be disappointed with a project that ran over the timeline by a little bit when the quality of work was to your satisfaction.  We can also tell you with even greater confidence, (and sadly this happens far too much in our trade) that you couldn’t ever care less that your project finished on or before the given deadline if the contractor had to race to get there, and as a result, the quality was compromised.

Speed (deadlines) and efficiency (timelines) are therefore two very different things as far as we are concerned and we will always stand by the latter.

We and each of our techs are thoughtful, mindful and considerate of your home as if it were our own, and work as efficiently as possible in all we do.   We are very clear across the board that we prefer to have a project go a few days extra and done correctly, than for there to be a mad rush to a finish line.

Also, we are a ‘family first’ establishment that allows room for the sick child, or spouse, or unexpected event that might require us to allow one of our teammates to take a day off during the project.  We will always shuffle the deck to make sure the project continues at an efficient rate, but we are a team of family men and women to whom life happens the same way as it does all of us.  We prefer not to have any of our team working when they are sick for obvious reasons which include not getting you sick, or prolonging their illness anymore.  We typically do not work on weekends either, unless in rare circumstances.

We trust this gives you a clear picture of what you can expect, and as always, we welcome any questions and dialogue on the matter at any time. Contact us!

“Schoeman Construction Remains On My A+ List Of Contractors And Hopefully We Will Work Together On A Future Project.  Highly Recommended!”   

– James H.