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Questions anyone?  

Many more, we’re sure, but here are a few of the common ones.


Why Schoeman Construction?     

Ever had a First Class experience?  How about a second or third class experience? Felt the difference?  Now, ever dealt with a second or third class contractor?  If you haven’t already, you will certainly understand the difference first hand after working with Schoeman Construction.      Florida contractors are a dime a dozen.  Sadly the reputation they have is far from comforting if you are seeking one out to work with.  Our philosophy is simple.  Starting at the top, we and each of our techs, are reminded regularly of one thing.  We are in the RELATIONSHIP business first, the REMODELING business second.  A lot of good contractors may well give you a decent finished project if you are lucky, but the journey to get there in most cases often costs far more in stress, frustration, anxiety and quite a few more gray hairs than you may have bargained on.  By focusing on the basics of communication and relationship building it shouldn’t be surprising how pleasurable, stress-free and even (dare we say!) enjoyable an extensive remodel can actually be.    A few key points may help clarify what sets us and our team apart from the crowd.


  • The Basics – No smoking, No cussing, No alcohol – a tall order for average construction workers and their crews 😊
  • Punctual and Dependable
  • We DO what we SAY we will do.
  • Respectful…..toward you, your family, your pets and your home and its belongings. We actually DO CARE about these details, from dust control to final touch ups and punch lists and everything in between.
  • Trustworthiness, it is a credit to us and our team that many of our customers are counted as friends and not contracts, even years after the work is done.  Word of mouth referrals and repeat business are common place and our phone number has remained unchanged since the day we started.
  • Constant, Consistent and Clear Communication throughout your project – a foreign concept to most Florida contractors.  ‘There is rarely an unreasonable customer, usually they are just uninformed.’   Good communication is worth its weight in gold and it’s one of the basic essentials of a successful remodel.                


Why do you not offer free estimates? 

 This question is worthy of a detailed answer for multiple reasons.  We have found it to be the rare exception that practically every time there is a disappointment with a contractor’s work on larger, detailed and complex remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms, the project inevitably started with a free estimate.   Though we fully respect anyone who prefers to choose the free alternative to ours, based on our experience here are our reasons for not offering them.    

For starters, it is important to note that our consultation costs are immediately applied toward the project (deductible) should the decision be made to move forward with Schoeman Construction.  We believe TIME is our most valuable commodity.    We respect the TIME of our customers far too much to rush through this critical, initial step in the process of putting together a successful, remodeling experience.  We spend whatever time necessary to fully understand and comprehend the goals, vision and scope of your remodel.   We then carefully put together and submit a detailed (which takes time due to the multiple factors that go into these large projects) and comprehensive proposal, including an overall ‘real world’ budget which includes materials (which you are free to shop around for if additional savings is the goal).  

Unfortunately, FREE ESTIMATES often get it wrong right up front in light of the implied lack of time and attention to detail due to rushing through a free process in order to get to the next appointment ASAP, because after all ‘time is money’.  It is not uncommon for these ‘quick quotes’ to cover only 50-75% of the actual cost due to oversights.  The project is then secured (because at face value it appears so much cheaper) and then necessarily have to be ‘up-charged’ the remaining 30-40% (or more!) during the project which NEVER sits well with any customer and creates the ‘all too familiar’ bad experience in today’s world of remodeling and contracting………delays, up-charges, excuses, over budget challenges, and worst of all,  just another stressful and disappointing experience with another contractor/remodel.   

Two old adages have it right, especially true as it relates to remodeling.  1. ‘You always get what you pay for’, a lesson a lot of folks have had to learn the hard way, or still will.  And 2. ‘Pay now or pay later’ So many times people choose the cheapest option upfront in an attempt to save every dime, then regretfully have had to pay more later anyway for repairs/replacements due to poor workmanship, damage done and in some cases having to re-start the entire project and paying even more than it would’ve cost to just have had it done correctly and at the right price to start with. 

In conclusion, a lengthy answer to a seemingly simple, yet crucial question worth considering as you embark on your remodel.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for my remodel?     

As the time approaches for your remodel, the main thing is obviously to remove any/all personal items from cabinets and areas that will be remodeled.  For kitchens we recommend setting up a temporary kitchenette off to the side somewhere so that daily kitchen activities can continue to some degree.  Life without a kitchen sink can be more tricky than you may realize, so prepare as best as possible.  There is no substitute for a good plan! Obviously we are there to assist in any way we can.


How long will my remodel take from start to finish?    

This will obviously vary depending on the size of your project. From start to finish (and we do mean start to finish) our average large bathroom can take anywhere from 4 -7 weeks.  Our average medium to large kitchen anywhere from 6-12 weeks. What we do well however, is to ensure activity and production from beginning to end. It is a rare day we will not be onsite, outside of any unusual or unexpected circumstances.  There are NO vacations during your project.  The wheels will be turning from the time we get boots on the ground, hence the importance of planning in advance.  It is worth mentioning also that our team’s training and attention to detail lends itself to ‘timelines’ rather than ‘deadlines’.  If it takes an extra day or two (or more), it is ALWAYS worth it in the long run as opposed to rushing to get it done, as many average contractors do.  Next time you bake an apple pie you’ll remember this should you take it out of the oven prematurely because the guests arrived early.  It never ends well.


How many people will be on my project at once?   

Again, depending on the size of the project, one to two of our techs is about average. On days that require more for whatever reason, we will schedule accordingly.


What does an average day look like?  

Our average hours are 9am to 4pm. We will always work around your comfort level as far as time goes. Some of our techs prefer early start times (as early as 7:30am-8am) where convenient or possible.


When do I need my materials ready by?       

It is preferable that ALL materials are SELECTED and READY for delivery/pick up OR already onsite  before we start your project.  Details can be discussed around available staging space for appliances, cabinets etc. and will vary from project to project.  Obviously certainly ‘trim’ materials such as accessories, mirrors, specific light fixtures can be finalized as the project is underway. Again, communication is key throughout.


Will I get any assistance/guidance with material selections?   

Absolutely. We always recommend our trusted suppliers as it relates to flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures etc. some with whom we have been in relationship with since the mid 1990s.  There is no obligation to purchase anything from our referrals, however based on the track record of customer satisfaction and relationship over the many years, it certainly makes the experience that much more comfortable. Important to set an appointment and bring along your material list from our proposal for reference.


                             What will the payment schedule look like?      

After the initial deposit (for cabinets and schedule lock in date), the balance is divided into weekly payments based on the length of the overall project time anticipated which usually corresponds with the percentage of work completed.  This is the best way to stay consistent and up to date with work completed and payments made.